If you want to reproduce match-realistic service in training, you must have a machine that can provide a driven (backspin) trajectory. The SideKick® soccer machine is the only soccer machine that provides highly repeatable driven trajectories in addition to swerving, diving (topspin) and knuckling (no-spin) trajectories. If your players might see a trajectory in a match, the SideKick Techne® Pro can reproduce it in training, as many times as needed, with remarkable accuracy.

"The spin, the dip, the curve, the swerve is something unique...Nothing like it."
Drew Keeshan, Goalkeeper Coach FC Dallas

This first photo shows a driven ball from the midfield spot, landing in the back of the goal. The speed is 7 out of 10 (about 55mph = 88kph). The trajectory is realistic for a through pass and the speed realistic for a player to receive.
SideKick Techne<sup>®</sup> Pro - driven ball from midfield to the goal

The second photo uses only a slight backspin plus sidespin from the same position. In spite of a higher speed (63mph = 100kph) and much higher elevation, the ball reaches only the 6 yard line.
SideKick Techne<sup>®</sup> Pro - high swerving shot from midfield to the far post

The third photo uses the same speed as the first, but with only a swerve, not a driven trajectory. The ball reaches only the 18 yard line.
SideKick Techne<sup>®</sup> Pro - how swerving shot from midfield to near post

The images on this page were created by taking high-resolution photos at 9 frames per second of actual serves from the SideKick Techne® Pro, then using Photoshop to isolate just the ball from each frame and superimpose the unchanged ball image at its actual position onto the first frame.