There is no limit to the number of skills that can be taught with crosses:

  • Finishing in one or two touches
  • First-touch distribution in and near the penalty area
  • Defensive tactics, especially back line organization
  • Defensive clearance
  • Defending free kicks
  • Goalkeeper “read” and judgment
  • Goalkeeper clearance and collection, coming off the line

Here are some examples of early crosses that can be used for all these purposes. SideKick Techne<sup>®</sup> Pro - early cross to far post

SideKick Techne<sup>®</sup> Pro - early cross to penalty spot

One of the more difficult services to reproduce in training is the ball that dives under the crossbar, forcing the goalkeeper to retreat to defend it. Difficult for humans perhaps, but not a problem for the SideKick Techne Pro. Your goalkeeper can train with 10, 20, 50 repetitions until able to read, retreat, and parry properly, every time.
SideKick Techne<sup>®</sup> Pro - chip to goalkeeper

The images on this page were created by taking high-resolution photos at 9 frames per second of actual serves from the SideKick Techne® Pro, then using Photoshop to isolate just the ball from each frame and superimpose the unchanged ball image at its actual position onto the first frame.