SideKick® Techne Pro - The Ultimate Training Partner

The SideKick Techne® Pro provides the consistent service needed for field players and goalkeepers to perfect their skills through repetition. Uses are limited only by your imagination, but some of the more common skills trained with the SideKick Techne® Pro include:

  • Attacking and defending crosses, individually and in small groups
  • First- and second-touch shots on goal
  • First-touch distribution
  • Defensive clearance
  • Defending through balls, especially balls in the air to behind the defensive line
  • Shot stopping and body mechanics for goalkeepers

In addition, the SideKick Techne® Pro makes it practical to train advanced ball skills otherwise impossible to train for lack of consistent service, like side volleys, or receiving a ball from over the shoulder at a dead run, or repetitive crosses at the goalkeeper's fingertip height.

Coaches and trainers will find the SideKick Techne® Pro a valuable tool for isolating the objective of a training session from inconsistent service of the ball, making training sessions more productive.

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SideKick® Techne Pro with Remote Option

SideKick Techne Pro with Remote option Enhance your training regimen further by adding the Remote option to the SideKick Techne Pro. The Remote option offers robotics, a ball feeder and handheld remote control. Benefits include:

  • Ball feeder holds 16 size-5 balls
  • Handheld remote control allows control of ball speed, spin, elevation, direction and firing rate
  • Coordinates service from multiple SideKick Techne Pro machines using one remote control
  • Captures detailed performance data for use with ISOTechne® cloud-based skills analytics
  • Coaches can train one-on-one with athletes
  • Athletes can train without a trainer or coach

How critical is consistency of service in your training?
From a tactical perspective, the SideKick Techne Pro can be an invaluable resource. Let’s say you are playing a team that has a long throw in or is particularly strong at free kicks. In order for you to train your players on how to defend either of them, you need to be able to replicate that service over and over again. Through that consistent service, you get to make coaching suggestions and your players will perform better and are more confident going into games.

"It has been a great training tool for our players and goal keepers on crosses and for defending long throw in's."
Rudy Meridith, Womens Head Coach Yale University

How critical are quality repetitions in your training?
As we like to say, the road to perfection is paved with repetition. Of all the variables that affect learning, inaccurate service has by far the greatest influence on the number of quality repetitions and the length of time needed to acquire the targeted skill. The SideKick Techne Pro can repeat the same placement, speed and spin, as many times as needed for complete mastery.

"Gives me the ability to put the ball in the same spot over and over again, which is crucial in the development of goalkeepers."
Scott Vallow, former Professional Goalkeeper and current Goalkeeper Coach Western NY Flash