World-Class Service, Consistently

The SideKick Techne Pro was designed to reproduce the same service seen in match conditions. Any speed and spin. Any service you expect from the world's best players. With astonishing consistency, the SideKick Techne® Pro can

  • Bend the ball into the upper V from 25 yards (25m)
  • Provide precise inswinging and outswinging crosses, from the corner, from the midfield stripe, or anywhere in between
  • Deliver a gentle ball to the chest of a 12-year old from 15 yards (15m)
  • Reproduce through balls and goal kicks of up to 75 yards (70m)

Unlike a human, the SideKick Techne® Pro is always available, never gets tired, and serves the same ball as many times as needed for complete mastery.

Effective training range: 10-75 yards

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  • Ball speed: 20-76mph (30-122kmph)
  • Rate of spin: 0-10 revolutions per second
  • Axis of spin: 0-360 degrees about the direction of flight
  • Side to side range: 48 degrees without moving machine
  • Elevation range: horizontal to +35 degrees
  • Effective training range: 10-75 yards (10-70m)
  • Repeatability*:
    • From 20-25 yards (20-25m):
    • 1 yard (1m) diameter

    • From 35-40 yards (30-35m):
    • 3 yards (3m) diameter
  • Battery life: typically 3-5 hours on one charge, depending on usage
  • Recharge time: typically equal to time of discharge
  • Easily transportable in minivans, SUVs and most car trunks
  • Operating temperature: 32-95 degrees F (0-35C)
* Typical results under normal conditions. Differences in ball inflation or wear, rain, wind, or contaminants such as grass or mud will affect your results.

For more information contact:
Jeff Vogt
Director of Sales
425.939.0015 ext 104

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