Who Do You Want To Train Today?

The SideKick Techne Pro can be used to train all skills that require consistent, accurate service. Finishing, defensive clearance, shot stopping, dealing with crosses, small group tactics that begin with serviceā€¦ any serve, any time, as many times as needed for complete mastery. There are no limits on reproducing match-realistic service: driven, swerving or knuckling; inswinging or outswinging; early and late crosses; penetrating passes; and, of course, shots on goal. Click on the buttons on the image below to see examples.

SideKick services from the corner SideKick - late crosses SideKick - early crosses SideKick - shots from the top of the 18 SideKick - services from midfield Image Map
Corner Kicks | Late Crosses | Early Crosses | Shots from Top of the 18 | Services From Midfield