SideKick Techne Pro and Lucas Sports

LucaSports ( created one of the most technologically advanced goalkeeper glove designs ever, the Black Spider®. Their patented design is helping keepers from around the world catch and deflect soccer balls more effectively than ever before.

To supplement the subjective responses of goalkeepers during testing with hard data, LucaSports turned to the SideKick Techne® Pro. The SideKick Techne® Pros ability to consistently place the ball in a certain place at a consistent speed allowed LucaSports to gather consistent, objective statistical information.

SideKick Techne<sup>®</sup> Pro and Lucas Sports The SideKick Techne® Pro was "an incredibly valuable tool," according to the designer of the glove, Dr. Alfred Lucas. "The ability to consistently create shots that pushed the limits of the glove and keeper were instrumental in understanding and quantifying the glove's effectiveness. The SideKick Techne® Pro greatly improved our efficiency. Whether testing hard shots straight on, or measuring the ability to deflect the ball, The SideKick Techne® Pro allowed us to dial in the precise speed, spin and placement."

Dr. Lucas continued, "Goalkeepers don't have to wonder anymore if the glove they are using is the best for them. Compare your glove options objectively - set up the SideKick Techne® Pro and get in front of the goal. Turn on your video camera to record the action. Test your gloves at various speeds, spin and placement. Then, make your glove decision based on facts."


Guided Tour

"You have got to see SideKick. I stepped into the net to take shots from the machine – it is awesome."
Ian Feuer, former English Premier League and US National Team goalkeeper

"The spin, the dip, the curve, the swerve is something unique...Nothing like it."
Drew Keeshan, Goalkeeper Coach FC Dallas

"SideKick plays a huge role in our program."
Richard Reece, Goalkeeper Coach, Crossfire Premier Soccer Club

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