SideKick Techne Pro and Ian Feuer

Ian Feuer spent his playing career on some of the world's biggest stages, including the English Premier League and the U.S. National Team. Ian is now a goalkeeper trainer in Southern California, working with goalkeepers from LA Galaxy and Pepperdine University, in addition to his Premier Goalkeeping Academy.

Ian is effusive in his praise of the SideKick Techne Pro, both as a trainer and as a former player. As a player, he still shows world-class form, but after going into the net to experience what his goalkeepers see when SideKick fires the ball, he used words like "awesome" to describe what it felt like. "The ball really whips in there, even at well below the top speed," he says. "The SideKick Techne® Pro will challenge everyone, from youth through top-level professionals."

As a trainer, Ian is equally excited about the value the SideKick Techne® Pro brings to his training sessions, with its accurate repetition of even the most difficult shots and crosses. Ian now not only uses the SideKick Techne® Pro in his private training, but has agreed to develop training principles and drills that others can use with the SideKick Techne® Pro to develop goalkeeping skills, fitness, and reflexes. Check back from time to time as we add video, photo, and written material from his efforts.

  • Angle of elevation is easily and precisely adjusted