Field Player Training

Imagine Training without Limits

Training Field Players with SideKick Soccer Training Imagine efficiently training advanced first touch on all body surfaces. Diving headers. Flying volleys and bicycle kicks. Flicks off the head or the outside of the foot. Positive first touch on a 60 yard cross. Defensive clearances.

From the routine to the spectacular. Using all body surfaces. Midfield control and distribution. Finishing. Defensive clearing.

Hone the basics through repetition: chest and thigh traps, heading, first-time passes.

Or, go for the Ole: over-the-shoulder passes, sidekicks and bicycle kicks, flying headers, …. Your skills are no longer limited by your training partner.

You provide the inspiration, the SideKick Techne® Pro will deliver the ball.

A big thank to Arsenal FC for providing the players for this video.

SideKick Techne Pro Training
Field Players

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Praise for the SideKick Techne® Pro
"We love it as a finishing tool. Because flank service is so inconsistent in training, this changes the session from a serving session to a finishing session. Much better use of our time if finishing is the focus that day."
Anson Dorrance, Womens Head Coach University of North Carolina, 21 times NCAA National Champion, World Cup winning former Head Coach US Womens National Team

"We use it for services and patterns of play on the final pass, hitting balls out of the air, and controlling balls."
Schellas Hyndman, FC Dallas Head Coach

"Ist eine Sensation."
Miroslav Klose, Former Captain German National Team; All-time in World Cup goals

"Any way that you have to serve a ball to start an exercise, you can use it."
Tamara Hageage, Assistant Coach EWU Women's Soccer

"The versatility of it has brought new ideas to us in devising exercises to do with our field players in improving their receiving skill."
Bill Daus, Whitfield School Head Boys Coach

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