Imagine Training Without Limits

Imagine more efficient practices. More highly motivated players. More quality repetitions in 10 minutes than a player might normally see in weeks or months. The exact serve you need to make tactical coaching points… every time. All regardless of injuries or the skills of your players and trainers.

Imagine players being less frustrated in learning new skills and tactics when service is consistently on target. The SideKick Techne® Pro delivers higher motivation, a higher work rate, and more rapid improvement on the skill being taught.

The SideKick Techne® Pro means more productive training sessions.

Watch this space for specific ideas and training drills showing how to use the SideKick Techne® Pro to bring out the technical brilliance in your players.

SideKick Techne Pro Training
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Praise for the SideKick Techne® Pro
"We love it as a finishing tool."
Anson Dorrance, Womens Head Coach University of North Carolina, 21 times NCAA National Champion, World Cup winning former Head Coach US Womens National Team

"It is the most consistent training partner you'll ever have - it's an investment, not an expense."
Peter Shilton MBE OBE

"Thanks to the precision & reproducibility of it, we can create very interesting learning processes."
Rodrigo Figueroa, Equador

"We use it for services and patterns of play on the final pass, hitting balls out of the air, and controlling balls."
Schellas Hyndman, FC Dallas Head Coach

"From a coaching standpoint it's a great tool, when you are serving to your keepers or to your players, just like a player you have to look at the ball when you serve. So when I look at the ball when I serve, I'm not looking at my player then it becomes harder to really assess and analyze what they are doing wrong; if something fails technically. With it I get to do more coaching and I get to see more.
Tamara Hageage, Assistant Coach EWU Women's Soccer

"A great training tool for working on all aspects of the game."
Bill Cleavelin, Coastal Bend College Head Mens Coach

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Director of Sales
425.939.0015 ext 104