Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc., is a company with two passions: soccer and technology. In that order. We are passionate about soccer, the greatest sport in the world.

SideKick Soccer Training Macine Our technology was invented specifically for soccer out of love and respect for the game, its players and its history. It is not recycled from other sports and shoe-horned onto a soccer pitch, it is specifically crafted for the unique challenges of training soccer players. We are coaches and players who know first-hand what it's like to be out on a pitch training from youth to an elite level. We have faced the same problems you do as a coach or player.

Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc., founders have also played leading roles in shipping technology products used by tens of millions of consumers, at companies like Microsoft Corp., IBM, and Philips. We have in-depth experience in mechanical engineering, robotics, materials science, and computers.

We brought these two passions together to help solve the problems you, as a coach or player, face every day. Not technology for technology's sake, but technology applied selectively and creatively to solving real problems. Other industries and sports regularly apply technology to solve training problems or address scarcity of skilled trainers. Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc., applies that same thinking to soccer in the 21st Century. The SideKick Techne Pro is the first product of that philosophy.