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ISOTechne provides coaches and trainers with an in-depth, objective perspective of your athletes. Cloud-based analytics allow you to measure and track performance in real time. With this data, you can measure performance trends, identify weaknesses and track the growth and development of your athletes. For more information, please visit our new web site at

TheISOTechne® 2VictaTM training system is now available!

ISOTechne 2Victa is a key component of the ISOTechne platform. Enhance your training regimen with the ISOTechne 2Victa training system. It has all the benefits of the SideKick Techne Pro plus it has robotics and a ball feeder. Also included is an app that comes pre-installed on an Android tablet. The app gives you have the ability to control up to 10 ISOTechne 2Victa training systems at one time. Benefits include:

  • Ball feeder holds 16 size-5 balls
  • Handheld remote control allows control of ball speed, spin, elevation, direction and firing rate
  • Coordinates service from multiple SideKick Techne Pro machines using one remote control
  • Captures detailed performance data for use with ISOTechne® cloud-based skills analytics
  • Coaches can train one-on-one with athletes
  • Athletes can train without a trainer or coach

For more information about the ISOTechne 2Victa training system, please contact Jeff Vogt at

SideKick Techne® Pro at FC Pasching in Austria

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World Class Training with the SideKick Soccer Training Machine Ghana National Team uses SideKick Techne® Pro to prepare for World Cup
The Ghana National Team recently acquired a SideKick Techne® Pro to enhance goalkeeper training in preparation for the World Cup in Brazil. The picture to the right shows the Ghana goalkeepers and their goalkeeper coach after a training session in Miami.

Goal-line technology set up ahead of FIFA World Cup
In a first for the World Cup, on June 15, France was awarded a goal against Honduras through the use of Goal Line Technology (GLT) from GoalControl GmbH. With so much at stake, precision in configuring and testing GLT is critical. As seen in the FIFA video, a SideKick Techne® Pro was used to set up and test the installations at all twelve stadiums at the World Cup.

Patented, award-winning SideKick Soccer Training Machine SideKick Techne® Pro, the revolutionary soccer machine from Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc., brings out the technical brilliance in players of all levels. For field players, goalkeepers, coaches and trainers, the road to perfection is paved with repetition. The SideKick Techne® Pro can repeat the same placement, speed and spin, as many times as needed for complete mastery.

The patented, award-winning SideKick Techne® Pro soccer training machine gives you:
  • Any speed and bend of service seen in international play
  • 10 or more precise repetitions of the most difficult serve… every minute
  • Training equipment built for professionals using the highest-quality materials
It’s like having an international player as a training partner. So go ahead, let your imagination run wild.

Imagine efficiently training advanced first touch on all body surfaces.

Imagine pushing your goalkeepers to their limits, and beyond.

Imagine more efficient practices. More highly motivated players.

Now, imagine a SideKick Techne® Pro on your pitch, for about the cost of a decent pair of goals. Time to stop dreaming and see for yourself.

Training keepers with SideKick
Training field players with SideKick
Coaches using SideKick
Range of Service with SideKick

Peter Shilton MBE OBE is Worldwide Ambassodor for SideKick Soccer Training Machine
Peter Shilton MBE OBE
most capped England player of all time is now
of the ISOTechne training system

"The SideKick Techne Pro football machine is a brilliant training tool! It offers the consistency of service essential to becoming a top goalkeeper. This would have been the answer to the level of service I desired in my playing days."
Peter Shilton MBE OBE

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See the ISOTechne® platform at:
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Los Angeles, CA
Booth 234
January 11-15, 2017

2017 Soccerex Global Convention
Manchester, England
September 4-6, 2017

2017 Soccerex Asian Forum
Doha, Qatar
December 4-5, 2017

2018 NSCAA Convention
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January 17-21, 2017

Does a Ball Machine Belong on Your Pitch?
Read an article in the May 2012 issue of Success in Soccer magazine that discusses the benefits of using a ball machine. Read Article

Does a Ball Machine Belong on Your Pitch?

"We love it as a finishing tool."
Anson Dorrance, Womens Head Coach University of North Carolina, 21 times NCAA National Champion, World Cup winning former Head Coach US Womens National Team

"You have got to see it. I stepped into the net to take shots from the machine – it is awesome."
Ian Feuer, former English Premier League and US National Team goalkeeper

"The SideKick Techne® Pro enriches our goalkeeper training."
SK Rapid Wien

"Thanks to the precision & reproducibility of it, we can create very interesting learning processes."
Rodrigo Figueroa, Equador

"We use it for services and patterns of play on the final pass, hitting balls out of the air, and controlling balls."
Schellas Hyndman, FC Dallas Head Coach

"A tremendous tool for consistency of service, which automatically improves the biomechanics and muscle memory of our goalkeepers."
Tomasz Janas, Owner and Founder, Last Line of Defense Goalkeeper Academy; Owner, HO Soccer Canada

"The spin, the dip, the curve, the swerve is something unique...Nothing like it."
Drew Keeshan, Goalkeeper Coach FC Dallas

"It plays a huge role in our program."
Richard Reece, Goalkeeper Coach, Crossfire Premier Soccer Club

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